About This course

Learn Spanish in a fun, easy and engaging way, at your own time and pace with lessons delivered by a native Spanish speaker.

This course will teach you the most frequently used core language structures, as well as real-life vocabulary and expressions of the Spanish language and culture. This beginner course offers carefully crafted video stories, which are packed with comprehensible input elements, to help you start developing your Spanish comprehension and necessary language foundations faster and in a natural way, to one day become fluent in this beautiful language.

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling provides an easy and efficient way to become fluent in Spanish with minimum effort!

At Spanish Connect we use Storytelling and Cultural Immersion as a key Spanish learning method to provide you with real life language, expressions and culture. This approach allows our brains to acquire the language with minimum effort. Language acquisition means our brains are capable of acquiring a new language when exposed to rich and engaging messages that we can understand.


    1. Coming soon in 2023!

About this course

  • Additional Comprehensible Video Stories
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Easy to Follow Audio files

This is how you will benefit from this course

  • Set the foundations to become fluent in Spanish with minimum effort, at your own time and pace

  • Build your vocabulary naturally through stories and acquire useful Spanish language fast for everyday conversations

  • No boring list of verbs and Spanish grammar to study or memorize

  • Spanish language structures and phrases get repeated across stories, your brain will do the work and store them for you

  • Join our growing community of Spanish Learners and get Instructor's support in your journey, you are not alone!

About Spanish Connect ®

Founder and Director Kyra Ramirez

After a successful start in 2018 as a traditional in-classroom and online language school offering Spanish classes for children, teens and moms in Australia, Spanish Connect has evolved to become a growing community of global students of all ages that share the passion of learning the beautiful Spanish language and its culture. Spanish Connect was founded by Kyra Ramirez – a native speaker from South America and mother of two bilingual children – under the true belief that children who learn a second language will become better global citizens through cultural awareness and exchange with more people around the world. At Spanish Connect we focus on providing immersive Spanish language experiences through language acquisition, similar to the way children develop ability in their first language, creating the path to language proficiency in a natural and enjoyable way.